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About Features & Applications Of Water Based Emulsion

Water Based Emulsion also called resin emulsion, is specially designed for water based adhesive & latex, made from stabilized rosin resin with process of emulsification, it comes without any solvent and can be dissolved in water for further process, without any toxic & pollutional content, so it is a type of environmental-friendly product. Such a product comes with excellent mechanical stability, and is widely compatible with various types of anionic & non-ionic latex, also has excellent adhesion. for application of paper-plastic lamination and plastic-plastic lamination, it has good performance at weather ability, impact resistance and breaking resistance, not only that, It’s an outstanding tackifier for various types of latex products.

Water based emulsion not only can be used as tackifier for various types of latex polymers such as acrylic, EVA, SBR, TPR, CR, NR. but also can be used for water based pressure sensitive adhesive, laminated adhesive, labeling adhesive, static flocking adhesive etc.